Choosing a Bunk bed in Cardiff

Choosing a Bunk bed in Cardiff

Elephant beds have one of best reputations in Wales when it comes to high-quality products paired with the very best customer service. Our reviews and customer ratings are very reflective of this. We have built up our amazing reputation over the course of 25 years and are proud to say we are the experts in the bed and mattress industry. We stock a range of beds and mattresses in different materials, sizes and styles. With a huge selection of bunk beds, you will be spoilt for choice.

If you are looking for bunk beds in Cardiff or if you require kids beds in Cardiff browse our range on the website or get in touch with our Elephant Beds team today or telephone our team now on: 029 2037 1579

Bunk beds in CardiffThe Uses of a Bunk Bed

Making your kids bedroom a place where they enjoy going to hang out is always handy when you want a bit of quiet time. Bedtime can often be the worst time of day for parents. The resistance put up by the children to go to bed at the set time and the relentless telling off that seems to fall on deaf ears. Getting your child or children a new bed can be exciting for them and hopefully encourage them to want to go to sleep when bedtime comes. Bunk beds are probably the most popular type of bed for children. It means friends can stay for sleepovers or they can choose between top or bottom.

They are also very practical in a home where your children having separate rooms is not possible due to space or cost. A bunk bed can be the ultimate solution to saving money and making sure your kids still have enough room to play.

Bunk beds are not just for children however, they are also the perfect addition to a guest bedroom giving you 2 beds instead of one. Now you can be ready for when you have unexpected friends over or extra members of the family to stay (maybe save the bottom bunk for grandma and her dodgy hip).

The Styles and features of a Bunk Bed

Our bunk beds come with a number of finishes to match your home. We have beds that will fit perfectly within your child’s bedroom or in a guest room. Browse our selection of bunk beds Cardiff here. We also have the option of extra storage space for your bunk bed. This can be incredibly handy when it comes to keeping your child’s bedroom neat, tidy and toy free. Equally, you can use the storage in a guest bedroom to store away clutter such as bedding, clothes, office equipment or odd bits and bobs.

When choosing a bunk bed it is important to measure the size that you have available in the room and assess what additional space you or more likely, your child, will need. We would suggest that you take measurements of the chosen room you are planning on placing the bed in so you can be certain it will fit perfectly inside with still enough space to move around. Although your new bunk bed may fit in the area that you have chosen to place the bunk bed in, you also need to take into account of additional storage space and drawers that you may need space for. Bunk beds come with a range of features so it’s worth thinking about which you would like for your bed.

Expert and Professional Team

All our staff are trained so that they are able to answer any questions that you have regarding beds and will do their very best to support you when you are making a decision on which bed is best suited to you. There are always specialists on hand to help with enquiries regarding your wants and requirements.

Alternatively, come down and visit our showroom, showcasing the best beds and mattresses in Cardiff and certainly the best bunk beds in Cardiff. With our huge range of all types of beds and mattress, you will be able to take your pick and ensure that you find one that is perfect for your home and bedroom.

If you would like to find out more information about bunk beds in Cardiff or are looking at getting a new bunk bed in Cardiff then enquire with Elephant Beds today by calling 029 2037 1579.

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